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by Tobias Luther

Open Source Computing, Free Culture And Other Musings

This image shows the inside of a Z1, the world's first computer using boolean logic and binary floating point numbers. This is a replica of the 1938 original.

Doen't it like some modernist city? To me it is very much like the Linux operating system. Once you know your way around, it too  feels very much like a huge and exciting city. There a places to get work done and places to hang out and relax. Plus it is vital to know where and how to order the most delicious pizza. :)


As virtual craftspeople we are privileged to just know how to RTFM and admire the beauty of 21rst century binary engineering. We move in awe through some well designed server systems, just like our contemporaries exhale constant "Oh!"s and "Ah!"s during a sightseeing tour.
Or do we?
You certainly do need a solid basis of understanding your tools in order to get your job done and to develop this passion and security. To achieve this quickly and easily it is always good to have someone who shows you around. Just like at a real life sight seeing tour.

This is what this website is all about. Showing you around Linux and giving you the tools and knowledge to get your job done quickly and with joy.
Welcome to my little digital homestead. Here you will find within the near future:

  • Linux tutorials
  • Articles about free culture and creative commons
  • And other musings